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Life of a Lashpreneur Mom: Balancing Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

Hey there! Grab a cuppa and join me as we dive into the whirlwind life of a lashpreneur mom. Trust me, it's not always rainbows and unicorns, but it's a journey filled with love, determination, and a whole lot of "mommy, mommy" moments.

Eep beep beep That's the sound of my alarm going off at 6 AM every morning. Believe me, waking up at the crack of dawn is a feat in itself, especially after a long night of lash appointments and juggling a hundred other things. But hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, right?

Once I pry my sleepy self out of bed, the real fun begins. I stumble into my son's room, convinced that waking a child should be an Olympic sport. It's a dance of coaxing, tickling, and sometimes bribing him with the promise of breakfast. Finally, we both manage to hop in the shower, though it feels like a choreographed routine worthy of a Broadway show.

The race against time continues as we hastily get dressed and yes, clean those precious lashes on the days when I decide to wear them. And if I'm going makeup-free, well, a little extra sleep won't hurt. As I grab my keys and head out the door, it's a whirlwind of requests from my little one. "Mom, can we have McDonald's?" "Mom, can I get a snack?" "Mom, can I have a dollar?" It's like I'm being bombarded with a never-ending stream of demands and surprises.

As I'm driving my son to school, I try to keep up with the incessant chatter. "Mom, will you be home when I get off from school?" The sadness in his voice breaks my heart. I know that being a lashpreneur and a single mom has its challenges. There are days when I have to work late and miss out on precious moments with my little one. The guilt is overwhelming, and it feels like a knot in my stomach that just won't go away.

But you know what?

My journey as a lashpreneur mom is about more than just guilt and challenges. It's about strength, resilience, and the pursuit of my dreams. Being a mom and running my own lash business has taught me the importance of balance and self-care. It's about embracing the chaos, finding moments of joy amidst the madness, and showing my son the power of following your passion.

Sure, there are tough days when I feel like I'm juggling a million things at once, and I question whether I'm doing enough for my son. But then I see the pride in his eyes when I succeed in my ventures, and it reminds me that I'm setting an example for him. I want him to grow up knowing that he can chase his dreams too, no matter the obstacles.

So, to all the busy moms out there, I see you. I know the daily struggles and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a mom and an business woman.

But remember, you're strong, capable, and deserving of success. Embrace the chaos, find your support system, and hold on to the moments that make it all worthwhile.

This blog is for you, fellow moms. Let's celebrate each other's victories, lift each other up in the tough times, and remind ourselves that we're doing an incredible job, one lash extension at a time.

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