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A firm NO! to overly dramatic eyelash extensions.

Here's why....


I have worked in the lash industry for almost 4 years. I have been doing eyelash extensions for almost 3 years.

I get asked this question on a daily basis,

"Can I wear overly dramatic lashes for my entire life?"

My answer is always no!


The truth is if you want to keep your natural lashes intact until you are old and gray, then it is best to not wear overly dramatic lashes at all. If you do, be modest otherwise you will damage your natural lash follicle over time.

Here's how: When using big bold lashes, they are often so heavy and long that they weigh down your natural lashes and pull them out of their growth cycle. This can cause your own lashes to stop growing altogether or even worse, fall out completely! The heavier the fake lash, the more damage it will cause on your real ones. And once you take them off after a few months, there's a chance that your natural eyelashes won't grow back for months afterwards due to trauma they endured.

Similar to wearing certain hairstyles that causes strain on your edges and over time your edges start to thin out because of too much pressure.

As a whole, we believe that eyelash extensions are a great solution for those in the service industry who work long hours and need to be presentable to clients. But on the other hand, we want people to be educated about the risk of wearing overly dramatic extensions for long term and understand that their natural lash health is their most important asset.

If you're unsure if eyelash extensions are right for you or if you've experienced negative side effects from them, don't feel like you can't exercise your right to ask questions! That's what we're here for. Just make sure you always stick with an artist that cares about the health of your natural lashes!!!

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